On this page, clients of MammaHealth write, entirely voluntarily, their experiences with regard to the approach, the examination, the support and the team.


Miriam - 39 years

Why did I go to MammaHealth? Around 2 friends got a bad message about their breasts.That triggered me to search the internet. I ended up at MammaHealth, where I made an appointment. After the investigation I received a reassuring result. My breasts are healthy. In addition, I got handy tips from the doctor to keep them healthy.

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Yvonne - 52 years

This morning to the Mamma clinic in The Hague. I made the appointment because I had some complaints in the left chest.The reception was very pleasant and after half an hour acclimatization I was called in for the photos. This happened in an extremely friendly manner.

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Amy - 27 years

Received extremely friendly this morning and supervised by the research team. Following heredity testing, I received advice to have mammography made every year. Annual radiation through the breasts is against me and therefore opted for thermography.

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Caroline - 35 years

With thanks that goes beyond words .... for offering this diagnostic technique in the Netherlands; maintaining this friendly center; your broad and open-minded knowledge, so that many knowledge gates and eyes open; your kind tone during work; your focus on answers that I can test against diagnostic and empirically obtained information; the peace and tranquility that come from it; your ability, despite the struggle for these new ways, to remain a warm woman which has done my whole well-being enormously well.

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Petra - 63 years

I was at MammaHealth for research last year (end of July) and unfortunately, following the result (breast cancer), I had to go through a whole process of chemotherapy, surgery and currently radiation treatments.

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