Unfortunately, the Dutch health insurers do not yet reimburse the thermographic breast scan.


  • Welcome, reception and information
  • A full breast health scan
  • Afterwards a delicious drink
  • Final evaluation together with the doctor
  • Take your research results home directly


    Fee €195

      Make an appointment!

      The following days are available for your breast health scan:

      • Friday morning
      • Saturday morning

      So do you want to come for a breast health scan?

      What is the procedure?


      We welcome you and invite you into our waiting room for your body to acclimate to the temperature in our building


      We'll invite you to the thermography room. Before making a thermo photo, you sit down on a stool topless for a few minutes. A female photographer tells you how to pose for optimal results.

      1st series

      The photographer takes 3 different pictures with the infrared camera: one of each breast and one of both breasts together (front)

      Take a break

      We let your body cool off for 10 minutes to monitor your vascular system.

      2nd series

      The photographer takes the final series of 3 photos with the infrared camera.


      While you wait enjoying a coffee, tea or glass of water, the doctor analyses the photos. The doctor then discusses the results with you and might give you a physical exam. At the end you will always get the results on paper to take home with you.